Hannes Dufek


composition / music theory, aesthetics

Openings, the final concert of this year's festival, shows two recent pieces in connection with my doctoral research on „Utopian potential in current music-making“ as well as an (explicatory?) improvisation in trio with Irene Kepl and Jakob Gnigler. In very short, Utopia is not about defining a perfect world. It is about changing, ever changing practices, spaces and gestures of freedom in everyday life, which in itself is a critical step. Music can, I am convinced, open up pathways to such practices, or embody them, thus creating the possibility of their possibility, so to speak. In this concert, some attempts at this are demonstrated.

Kaoko Amano, soprano
Teresa Doblinger, clarinet / bass clarinet
Frederik Neyrinck, piano
Irene Kepl, violin
Jakob Gnigler, saxophone
Hannes Dufek, piano


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