Emiliano Sampaio

Mereneu Project Extended

composer, performer | jazz and symphonic music

How do classical and jazz music cultures come together and get along in large ensemble context? This is the main question that directs my doctoral research. From April to May 2019, I worked with a large ensemble instrumentation mixing classical and jazz musicians. This is the first concert presenting the result of compositional and rehearsal experimentation. For this case study, I combined my band Mereneu Project with classical trained musicians that play French horn, oboe, classical percussion and harp. The concert will feature three original pieces and a collective comprovisation developed collectively during the rehearsal time.

Christian Pollheimer, Florian Pöttler – Percussion
Karl Heinz Tapler – French Horn
Stas Zhukovskyy – Oboe
Sandra Macher – Harp
Nicolo Loro, Thomas Fröchl, Patrick Dunst – Woodwinds
Marko Solman, Dominic Pessl – Trumpets
Adam Ladanyi – Trombone
Luis Oliveira – Drums
Maximilian Ranzinger – Bass
Emiliano Sampaio – Guitar

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