Hannes Dufek

Hannes Dufek is an Austrian composer, musician and improviser. Born in Vienna in 1984, he studied both philosophy and composition (with Chaya Czernowin and Michael Obst), finishing the latter in 2012 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW). Since then, he works as a freelance composer, musician and improviser, engaging in many different projects and forms of music-making. In 2014, he was admitted as a doctoral student at the University of arts in Graz (KUG) under the supervision of Christa Brüstle, Clemens Gadenstätter, Annegret Huber and Manos Tsangaris, working on the subject of „Utopian potential in current music-making“. His composing, accordingly, is closely related to formulations and instantiation of Utopian conditions, palpable and tangible Utopias mediated and presented through, within and by way of art. It is in this context, that the founding of Ensemble Platypus (2006 as an association, 2009 as a musical body as such) needs to be seen. Hannes Dufek is one of three founders and has been the group’s long-time chairman as well as a steady member of the artistic board up until 2019. He frequently appears as an improviser and performer of his own music, and in 2016 formed the band KAFRA (www.kafra.at), engaging in pop music as well. He lives and works in Vienna.


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